Beijing Bus


Beijing has a well-developed public transportation system. There are more than 1,500 regular bus lines in the urban and suburban areas of Beijing (excluding diversified lines such as business shuttle bus and shared bus), with bus routes leading to almost every community. Most routes are open from 5: 00 to 23: 00. In addition, there are 36 night shift lines running at night, which can meet the travel demand of hot spots at night.

To check the travel routes, please visit the official website of theBeijing Public Transport Corporation. You can also download the APP 'Beijing Public Transport' (北京公交) or 'Ruubypay' (亿通行) in your APP store.

At every bus stop, there will be information about all buses stopping at that location, including the name of the station, its number, the names of bus stops along the line, the ticket fare and the origin and terminal schedule.

Passengers taking the bus can purchase tickets by methods such as scanning QR code, swiping Public Transit Card, paying in cash, etc.

Passengers taking the bus in the suburbs will be charged a rate based on distance travelled.

After getting on the bus, please indicate your terminal station and buy a ticket from the ticket sellers.

Bus fare: Beijing bus fare is priced by segments, and the bus fare within 10 km (inclusive) is 2 yuan. For those travelling beyond 10 km, each additional 5 km will cost an additional 1 yuan. You can enjoy a 50% discount when using the Yikatong card to take the bus, and there is a 50% discount for the regular card and 75% for the student card within the city area. For travel routes outside of the city, please refer to the current policy.

Please do not carry flammable, explosive or other dangerous goods while on buses.

Tel.: (8610)96166


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