Yougushentan Scenic Area(幽谷神潭风景区)


Ticket: 30 yuan

Address: No 1, Huangtuliang, Duanshuling Village, Huaibei Town, Huairou District, Beijing

    Yougushentan is located in south Yunmeng Mountain, 25 kilometers away from the northeast of Huairou District, 75 kilometers away from Beijing city. The temperature within the Yougushentan is always 3-9°C lower than outside, and the coverage of the valley vegetation is higher than 96%.

    The air is fresh here with high content of negative oxygen ions (9300 per cubic centimeter). Negative oxygen ions have the function of eliminating the free radicals of human, delaying aging and relieving fatigue, and it is known as “natural oxygen bar”.

    The confluence of hundreds of springs and the standing of high gorges in the valley, leading you can not only appreciate the wonderfulness of the nature, but also the unique “flying waterfall” and “shentan (miraculous ponds)”. There are a dozen of landscapes such as Tongtianmen and Wohuling in this scenic.


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